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Top Quality Insulation

began operating in April 1989. Robert DeMarco brought 11 years of field experience to his new business. That experience included installing insulation in residential homes, high rises and commercial buildings in the Bay Area, mostly around San Francisco.

We added the sale and installation of fireplaces and stoves in 2000. And in April 2004 changed our name to TOP QUALITY INSULATION & FIREPLACES. It was a nice compliment to our insulation service and quickly became very successful. We have attended many technical training classes, becoming highly proficient and attained our NFI Certification from the National Fireplace Institute.

Our customers liked getting their insulation and fireplaces all in one trip so much they asked us if we could offer some more homebuilding products as well. So…we did! We now proudly offer garage doors.

We sincerely enjoy selling our products. There is something very gratifying about selling quality materials and products to people that they “actually want and need.” We feel that ALL the products we carry are QUALITY brands that offer reliability and comfort.